Devonport Art Festival – Woolie Poles

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Wine Bottle Cosy/Cover Competition

A reminder to all to get your entries to The Vintry.

These rather Special Event numbers and more can be found on…

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A star is born!

Isn’t she lovely – isn’t she wonderful?
Our ‘Hickory Dickory Dock’ inspired ‘Angelina Ballerina’, complete with tiara, tutu and ballet slippers!

The rogue faction of Matakanas ‘The Frill Seekers’ have been at it again!
Sunday night, if you were sneaky, you may have spotted balaclava clad Frill Seekers at large in Warkworth high street, ready to wage an attack of the loveliest kind on our creatively challenged clock tower.

After a bit of Dutch courage at the Bridgey, and lots of giggling, they scampered up and down ladders as quick as a… er…. mouse.
The result, a stunning knitted and crocheted Angelina with two accompanying glorious hyperbolic pendulum.
What a treat for the locals and by all accounts she has been very well received.

Nowhere is safe from beautification. Nowhere!

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Happy Birthday Matayarnas

Matayarnas turned 2! For two whole years we have been meeting and sharing our fibre fetish with each other.
Many thanks to Brenda at for making us the most gorgeous cake!
We are so lucky!

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Sparkling Adventurers Come to Matakana

We have been featured in the blog below!
Sparkling Adventures
Take a look, the feed back is lovely. Here are some photos included in the blog.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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George and the Frill Seeker

Once upon a time there was a handsome King named George.
At a certain time of year, the soldiers who fought and in many cases gave their lives to defend George and all he stands for, are remembered and celebrated.
They, the Anzacs, are remembered and thanked gratefully here by a kind hearted Frill Seeker.

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Queens Birthday – 60th Jubilee

In honour of our sovereign Queen Elizabeth II,Matayarnas rogue faction… the ‘Frill Seekers’ have been seen out and about in the village again. This time adorning the posts with crowns and tiaras of all kinds and sizes. The ropes with Red White and Blue.

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